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  • Westbound I-66 - After we passed a long string of slower cars near the Goose Creek bridge, traffic consisted of pretty much just u & me. I was cruising along in the right lane, & for whatever reason, u was cruising along - at exactly the same speed as me, behind me & to my left. Your headlights was shining friquently in my eyes through my side view miror!! WHAT REASON DO YOU HAVE FOR CRUISING IN THE LEFT LANE??? If you're moving the exact same speed as me, WHY can't u do it directly behind me, either why not pass me & go the same speed as me in front of me? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO CONSTANTLY SHINE YOUR HEADLIGHTS IN MY F***ING EYES??? HUH? IT IS TERRIBLY RUDE!! KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS! Yeah - & ur plates are very appropriately the special LIGHTHOUSE plates.

    • Car Details: Dark OTHER Sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Markham, Virginia, US
    Anonymous November 10, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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