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  • We was in the left lane on I20 this morn around 0715, moving 70-75mph, with the flow of traffic. We had gotten above in the left lane to allow traffic merging from SC6 toward I20. You came directly from the acceleration lane into the left lane causing us to SLAM on our brakes to retain from smashing ur stupid a**. How do u expect to merge with us moving 70+ & u moving approx. 45mph? You gave no signal, skipped the right lane altogether & almost wrecked us!! You demand to take ur head out of ur a** & be a small more courteous, safer & in less of a hurry.

    • Car Details: white OTHER Bonneville
    • Last Seen Location: Lexington, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous March 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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