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  • You are why few believe that those who operate trucks are pushy, rude, & dangerous. I know that u was most likely on the way to the birth of ur daughter AND granddaughter, however that's no reason to put everyone's lives at risk.While I doubt u realized it, u almost side swiped my auto after flying up on my small silver wagon's butt on I-495 & then passing, cutting off alternative car. You then continued to tailgate all other auto in front of you, swerving between traffic. Noticing that u was a undoubtedly aggressive driver, I made a note to stay away from you. However, I finished right up behind u at the Route four South exit. Got real far, didn't ya?I continue en voyage in the right hand lane & at Suitland Parkway, the light changes- they guy in front of me stops, I stop- that's how it works. You, on the other hand, whip out of the left lane to attempt to beat the light and, not paying attention, almost back end me & stop closer on my butt than two parked vehicles in a parking lot. When the light changes, I'm allegedly not moving fast enough for you, so u come 1 centimeters (yes, this is not a exaggeration) of my bumper. I operate a tiny auto & it is kind of scary to have a big truck that close (I'm moving to obtain hurt if I have to stop fast, not you), so I flash my brake lights at u (I don't absolutely brake) to ask u to back off & knock u out of ur psychotic episode. You then proceed to whip around me, lower ur window & star screaming obscenities at me.So, did u obtain ur jollies telling a twenty 1 year old female & her six ft, 240 pound boyfriend (did u enjoy to friendly kiss he blew?) that u was moving to beat the two of us up & to 'pull over' so that u could fight us? Sorry, however my parents taught me better than to fuel a burning fire and, yes, I'll admit it- I'm 'scared'- I don't know if you're alternative nut with a gun. You was at least forty five years old-- grow up & take ur medication!The sad part is that u glanced as if you'd absolutely be a nice individual if u weren't behind the wheel attempting to show off ur assets to hide ur liabilities.

    • Car Details: White CHEVROLET 1500
    • Last Seen Location: Suitland, Maryland, US
    Anonymous September 14, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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