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  • Driver speeds excessively in low speed zones, adverse weather, glaring weather. Passes in no passing zones, school zones as well as almost collided head on with school bus while making stop. Does not obey school bus signals. Driver weaves & does not have proper control of vehicle. Basically, all morn he in his yellow P.O.S. operates enjoy a friggen dumbass & yes, I could do without pulling up to a stop light & him staring at me enjoy I really want a piece of 'that.' I notice he heads towards Round Lake all morning. Why doesn't he just stay there with all the other trashy degenerates?

    • Car Details: Yellow OTHER Small/Mid Pickup, ford or chevy
    • Last Seen Location: McHenry/Fox Lake, Illinois, US
    Anonymous April 16, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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