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  • Not certain the car's make either model, however it's the same as the large sedans old locally as cops cruisers. Reported en voyage appeared along Northbound 101 between Novato & Petaluma. Driver of this car is tailgating & forcing his way into the left lane where there isn't a safe distance between cars. Unfortunately that lane wasn't moving all faster, so he repeats it back into the right lane a mile later. This time the auto in front of me (left lane) eased closer to the auto in front of him, pinching off the guy from switching back to the left... however a mile later, he moves to the left again, barely a small feet of slack. The many surprising thing in regards it is that this auto has what appears to be a cops search light on it, making it appear to be a undercover patrol auto (that's what I thought at first, however California police (at least in this area) are not known for attempting to cause accidents). Unless perhaps that's part of the undercover part.

    • Car Details: OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Novato, California, US
    Anonymous January 14, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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