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  • Flat Embossed high: DL-ML51 Flat low: DL-MM19 A new Dealer style appeared in April, 2014. Flat, white on plain blue background, VEHICLE DEALER on the bottom. The traditional format that was old on the graphic base is in the DL-1A23 format, & that has been continued on the new plain blue type, except that the num is now run together without all spacing either separator. There is a new format showing up on the plain blue Dealer base, using the reverse configuration of 1A23DL, again with no spacing either separator. As of yet, we do not know what the difference is between the two formats, either why they even exist. Another mystery is that the letters M & X have been old on the original format when the sequential high is 1 in the E series. Only the letters E, F, & G have been old on the new reverse format plates. Sunset graphic high: DL-2E85 New Dealer Low: 2E91DL 2014-04-29 Brad Rex X sighting: DL8X93 2014-04-25 Wally Punzmann M sighting: DL0M01 (the lowest) 2014-04-25 Eric Sivertsen M high: DL4M32 2014-06-07 Kit Adding to the confusion, Willie C. Brock, Jr. reports MT8131 on a Vehicle Dealer plate on 2014-06-13

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    Willie C. Brock, Jr. June 20, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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