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  • 12:23am, Sunday, April 15: Your auto glanced enjoy a cruiser at first. It even had 'Caution Canine' on the trunk & 'K9 unit' on the back windshield. But upon closer inspection, I realized that you're nothing more than a rent-a-cop who doesn't know how to drive. (Sorry, the yellow light bar on the top of ur auto gave u away.) You received on the west Capital City Freeway at El Camino & immediately accelerated to in regards seventy five MPH in a fifty five MPH zone, all the while making a beeline for the fast lane, & of course without signaling. You continued on south 99 & accelerated up to what I estimate was eighty in a 65, continuing ur lack of signaling. In order to exit on Mack Road West, u cut off a Ford Explorer. All in all, a total of seven unsignaled lane changes. If 1 I could have captured up to u & received the name of ur company. May u obtain poked in the nipple with ur cheap badge, & sprayed in the eye with ur own can of mace.

    • Car Details: Dark FORD Crown Victoria
    • Last Seen Location: Sacramento, California, US
    Anonymous April 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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