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  • 2:55pm on Wednesday, June 6: You was moving NB on Big Horn Blvd & turned right toward EB Elk Grove Blvd without stopping for ur red light & without signaling. You as well made a unsignaled lane change on Elk Grove Blvd when going toward Highway 99. Nearing the onramp to Highway 99, u realized that u was in the inaccurate lane, so u cut off a armored truck in order to obtain into the highway onramp lane and, since traffic moving toward the highway was stopped for a red light, u finished up blocking part of the through lane on Elk Grove Blvd. You should think you're pretty cool, rollin' in ur black Charger on 22s, with custom exhaust, attempting to pass it off enjoy it's received a Hemi. Too not good u operate enjoy a weenie.

    • Car Details: Black DODGE Charger SXT
    • Last Seen Location: Elk Grove, California, US
    Anonymous June 07, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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