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  • Some sort of newer vehicle, could not make out make either model as it was either as well close to my butt, either passing at ludicrous speed.What is inaccurate with you, bitch? Weaving in & out of traffic is not the preferred method of driving. I can see that it did not obtain u to ur destination all faster as I captured up with u on the 805.There are other operators that leave their homes in ample time to obtain to their destination WITHOUT having to impact either impede other operators on the road.Please be a GOOD DRIVER & follow the rules that was put in place to retain us safe. I see u again en voyage in a 'agressive' manner & I will be reporting u to the local constabulatory agency.And if u don't enjoy living in Santee as a result of it's as well away from work, THEN MOVE!!!

    • Car Details: Blue OTHER Unknown
    • Last Seen Location: San Diego, California, US
    Anonymous February 06, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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