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  • This dumbass allegedly forgot the rules of the road. Especially while en voyage in a residential neighborhood. I had the displeasure of en voyage behind this dolt & he continued to attempt to haul butt through a neighborhood. This neighborhood has had problems with speeders, as they have gotten the city to install speed humps (like speed bumps, however not as high) all the way down this 1 street. This dumbass would speed up to one, slowly go above the hump, speed up to the next one, slowly go above the hump, speed up...Once he received to a stop sign, he attempted to peel out, however it didn't really work, as he stopped in regards five houses after the stop sign & pulled into his/a friends operate way. Just alternative dumbass in, what he thinks is, a hot auto showing off to no 1 however himself.What a idiot. The speed humps are there for a very good reason: to slow down assholes enjoy you.

    • Car Details: Black/Gold FORD Mustang
    • Last Seen Location: Long Beach/Los Altos, California, US
    Anonymous January 10, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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