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  • This guy is dangerous He almost sideswiped me 1 day. He came up on my right side & swerved to obtain in front of me to make it into a space to barley fit his truck at the red light. Then, as he was swerving on my right , he was on his telephone & glanced at me enjoy i was in the wrong. He almost sideswiped me. As good luck has it, i heard in regards platwire.com on the news, Then as i was approaching house from occupation today i seen the same guy, in the same location. I wrote down his plate #, then he ran a red light, as he made a right hand shift in the left hand shift lane, while on his phone. This guy has no conscience. He is moving to hurt someone 1 day (i really hope not). He operates up & down BEACH boulevard everyday from in regards 7:00 a.m to five pm. BE AWARE & stay away from him.

    • Last Seen Location: BUENA PARK, California, US
    Anonymous February 26, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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