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  • 2:00pm on Sunday, September 30: Greased-up idiot en voyage his penis pump pulled out from the Chevron station toward NB Harbour Point Drive without checking for all other NB traffic (which I was a part of). He then drove half in the suicide lane & half in the #1 lane for a block either so. Since I was moving to be turning left toward Laguna Blvd, I slowed & moved behind him at a safe distance into 1 of the left shift lanes. His tiny small brain should have thought I was attempting to be a jerk & tailgate him, since when I moved behind him he immediately smash his brakes for absolutely no reason. Of course I did not smash him, since I'm a much better motorist than he is, & he moved into the same left shift lane, directly ahead of me. As he stared into his mirrors, I stared right back. Light turned green, he smash the gasoline & drove off with his middle finger extended above his windshield, & mine shining right back at him. Hey, moron: While you're working on that penis enlargement, take few time to brush up on the driver's handbook. And en voyage with the top down however ur windows up makes u glance enjoy a even bigger douche than we two know u are.

    • Car Details: HONDA S2000
    • Last Seen Location: Elk Grove, California, US
    Anonymous October 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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