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  • The motorist agressively attempted to run me off the way 2 times in five miles. Both instances as 2 lanes merge to 1. First instance at South Mission & Winterhaven, they accelerated to pass at merge when well behind my car forcing me to brake & swerve to right shoulder. This was in a school section -- fortunately no children was walking on the shoulder at that time (1 block from high school with no sidewalk). Proceeded to tail gate car in front (smaller auto enjoy mine - offender is a Chevy Tahoe). Repeatedly drifted out of lane (primarly crossing right shoulder fog line) on what is now a two lane winding way (one lane each direction, no passing zones). When way widened at T crossing with 2 lanes making right turn, the Tahoe was in rightmost shift lane, I was in the 2nd right shift lane (both are right shift 1 into two lanes that after a small hundred feet then narrows/merges to 1 lane) offender's lane was moving more slowly (almost stopped) moving around corner than my lane -- they allegedly not wanting me to end up in front after the earlier effort to pass & cut me off -- decided to swing wide on their shift into my lane almost forcing me into oncoming traffic. This 2nd instance was at the crossing of South Mission & Highway 76 turning from south to west on 76. Our paths parted at the next stop light.

    • Car Details: Silver/Gary CHEVROLET Tahoe
    • Last Seen Location: Fallbrook, California, US
    Anonymous May 05, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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