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  • Westbound on Central Expressway, headed towards Mary Ave intersection. Speed limit is 50. The left lane slowed to 35mph, & then to 30, a half mile short of the intersection. This motorist was the cause. A minimum of ten cars missed this four minute light cycle as a result of of this bandit. Next, this same motorist stopped 15-20 feet behind the motorist in front of them in the left shift lane, & didn't pay attention & obtain moving when the left shift signal went, & poked through the turn, causing me (and few others) to miss alternative 3-4 minute light cycle at the next crossing going south. Several operators behind us as well missed a 2nd four minute light cycle at Central/Mary as a result of of this 1 driver. Slow, oblivious, inattentive, time wasting bandits enjoy this must not be on the road.

    • Car Details: Cream TOYOTA Camry
    • Last Seen Location: Santa Clara, California, US
    Anonymous January 28, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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