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  • We're in a residential neighborhood, it's 6:30am & you're close enough that I can't see ur headlights. As it is always better to have operators such as yourself elsewhere (read, not on my back bumper), I signaled & pulled above with the hopes that u would go ur merry way & harass few someone else. Oh, however u had to prove what a big guy u are & passed within INCHES of my car, despite having lots of room to go around. I tooted the horn to indicate my displeasure with ur juvenile action, & then u made a show as if u was moving to pull above & obtain out of the car. Oooooh, I'm scared. NOT.***Listen up.***I'm not interested in collecting a speeding ticket on ur behalf. Try to leave earlier next time, & remember that you're en voyage a potential murder weapon. Your inconsiderate, unsafe en voyage could wind up killing few someone 1 day.

    • Car Details: Silver AUDI A6
    • Last Seen Location: Novato, California, US
    Anonymous August 09, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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