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  • Two lanes merged. The auto in front of me merged left. I waited for the next auto on the left to go & then merged in after him. Lisa Weeks en voyage the Murano pulled up next to my car, with half her auto in the median, & rolled down her window & started yelling at me that I wasnt allowed to do that! She turned the wheel of her auto towards my auto (a classic 1968 Mini Cooper in Mint condition) & floored it. She smash my auto intentionally. Later, she reported to the insurance comp that I cut her off & was still moving when the accident happened, so it was my fault since I was merging & that I ran into her car.

    • Car Details: White NISSAN Murano SL
    • Last Seen Location: Los Angeles, California, US
    Anonymous January 18, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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