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  • I witnessed this guy today crossing from the slow lane to the fast lane,like a maniac with lots of traffic moving 70+ on the 3 lane 52 Fwy west at 7:40am. There was two vehicles changing lanes at the same time he was two safely with signals, 1 moving from lane3 to lane2 (pickup) & 1 moving from lane2 to lane1 (white Sentra), this maniac swerves way above to the shoulder of the fast lane & literally squishes the white Sentra in betw lanes 1 & 2 (betw the Focus & the Sentra)...and he showed no concern, nor remorse. That poor female she had no where to go...because of all the traffic, the Focus didn't obtain all farther ahead & allowed me a chance to write down his license plate.

    • Car Details: White FORD Focus
    • Last Seen Location: San Diego, California, US
    Anonymous June 26, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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