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  • 2:47pm on Saturday, May 19: The traffic signals was completely out at the crossing of Big Horn & Bruceville. You was turning left from SB Bruceville toward EB Big Horn. Everyone was taking their shift moving through the intersection, then u had to screw it all up. The auto in front of u grabbed its turn, & u followed directly behind it rather of standing by for yours! AND u turned without signaling! When traffic signals are dark, u are to treat the crossing as a four-way stop. This means, yield to traffic that was at the crossing first! P.S. You don't have a front license plate, either. Hopefully you'll be cited by EGPD for this offense.

    • Car Details: Blue CHRYSLER Sebring convertible
    • Last Seen Location: Elk Grove, California, US
    Anonymous May 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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