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  • I held off on posting for almost a year until I found few someone that truly deserved to be posted about. Living in Southern California, I see so much not good driving, that I've waited for a truly 'special case.' Okay, here's the scene... I'm going to occupation & I'm in the right hand lane on a way with four lanes of traffic. The right lane ends in a right hand shift & continues south down a busy street. The left lane continues straight & basically ends by moving into a neighborhood. I'm already in the right hand lane as a result of I'm planning to shift right up ahead. My truck has excellent acceleration & one time the light twists green at the last crossing just prior to the turn, my truck takes off. I can't help it. My truck just has that much pep without even attempting to launch. So, I leave plenty of room behind me for traffic that wants to merge, however allegedly this female in a Mitsubishi Galant wouldn't settle for falling in line behind me. I didn't even know what she was in regards to do until it was almost as well late. I watched her auto start to pass me on the left. I'm expecting her to operate previous me & continue on into the neighborhood up ahead. Before I can even take my foot off the gasoline & prepare to break, I suddenly see her auto veer hard right. No shift signal. No hint that she even wanted in my lane, just, all of a sudden she's there forcing her way in. It was more than just her back bumper, the whole right side of the auto from in regards the commuter side door, back, almost collides with my left front. I veered right to bypass the collision, soon ran out of space before the curb, & smash the brakes. Now, I love my truck. I haven't had as much as a scratch on it from the day I bought it. I wasn't in regards to allow this be the day few someone finally caused damaged to it. I smash the brakes and, at the same time, laid on the horn for a long time to allow her know I was there. She not ever slowed. She not ever braked. She kept moving without even glancing back. You might think, '...Well, perhaps she just didn't see you. Maybe it was a honest mistake...' Keep in mind she PASSED me in order to cut me off & didn't appear to care even afterwards as she pulled away without glancing in her back view mirror to see who might be honking at her. She knew what she did & she didn't care. She continued on the same way that I turned on & even though she fled away, she still didn't chill out. Leaving me behind in a cloud of dust, so to speak, she continued through traffic, friquently changing lanes, passing this car & that as if she was in a race. I soon lost sight of her within half a mile. The way she was driving, I fully expected to see her auto crashed into something down the road. No such luck, so u individuals be careful out there. This motorist is still on the road.

    • Car Details: Blue MITSUBISHI Galant
    • Last Seen Location: Oceanside, California, US
    Anonymous November 03, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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