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  • Only received a partial plate as this jerk fled previous me on Utica. I'm not certain what the rush was, however this jerk gained all of ten seconds, if that by making a unlawful left turn, rather than wait for the lights. Three roads, Utica, 13 Mile & Groesbeck come together to form a triangle. This butt was moving south on Utica & had to stop for the light at Groesbeck. But rather than wait for the light, he made a right on red, into on approaching traffic, raced down Groesbeck to 13 Mile, made a left, either against a no left shift sign either through a business parking lot (far enough I could see him turn, however not which he turned into)(unlawful either way) & raced down 13 Mile to shift back toward Utica (again racing on approaching traffic). What a jerk! I waited for the light & was in regards ten seconds behind him.

    • Car Details: black OTHER mid-size pickup
    • Last Seen Location: Roseville, Michigan, US
    Anonymous February 03, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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