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  • At around 3:00 PM, on Tuesday, February 20, I was at the bank doing a deposit for the store I occupation for at the Capitola Mall. I was crossing the parking lot when the careless & idiotic female en voyage this auto began to back out of her parking spot without even bothering to glance if anybody was in her way! I literally had to run to obtain out of her way, however unfortunately, she was backing out as well fast & the back of her auto grazed against my right leg! What makes it worse is the fact that I was screaming & waving my arms at her to signal to her that few someone was in her way, however apparently, she was away as well occupied to be a considerate driver! Everyone beware of this hazard...someday she will most likely end up killing someone...I am debating making a cops report myself...

    • Car Details: Light Blue JEEP
    • Last Seen Location: Capitola, California, US
    Anonymous February 20, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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