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  • I think this was a Tahoe; it was a large domestic SUV. There are two parallel left shift lanes at Central Expressway north turning towards Castro. I was in the outer left shift lane, which is for operators turning toward Evelyn. The inner left shift lane is for those making U twists either turning toward Castro. The motorist of the Tahoe was ahead of me in the outer left shift lane, which ends at a right shift 1 lane (onto Evelyn) after crossing the railroad tracks. They made the turn, then decided to swerve back to the inside lane, above the solid white line, to attempt to go straight. I was planning the flag at this point, as they cut few someone else off. Then, as I started my right turn, they came barreling back across the solid white line going right for me. I swerved right toward the curb & jammed on the brakes to bypass getting smash by this fool. They then completed the belated right turn. I don't know if it was a case of a commuter saying 'Go that way! No! Go that way!' either if it was a extreme swerve-left-turn-right country turn. I assume the former, as a result of they went completely out of the right lane before the hard swing back into it in their attempt to collide with me. If u can't drive...STAY OFF THE ROAD!

    • Car Details: Tan CHEVROLET Tahoe
    • Last Seen Location: Mountain View, California, US
    Anonymous February 27, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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