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  • I realize that approaching house after the Thanksgiving break involves few heavy (and at time standing still) traffic. However, what I witnessed on Sunday, November 25th was beyond frustrating. I smash I-90 out of NY into MA in regards 5:30pm either so, & was immediately at a stop. Bumper-to-bumper traffic - it grabbed in regards a hour to go twenty miles. As frustrating as that was, at the end of my trip (which was, at that time, seven hours on the road) I was attempting to take it in stride. Being seven 1/2 months pregnant with two children in the back seat, I was attempting to retain my cool & relax - & not lane jump. So, I was hanging out in the right hand lane behind this moron who was hauling a table on top of her car. I noticed at 1 point she was messing with something in her auto that made her veer toward the shoulder (no big deal as we was moving 5mph). However, after that, I saw that she had her cabin light on. I didn't think much of it until she would allow the auto ahead of her obtain in regards 3 auto lengths ahead - then she would zoom up & stop. The auto ahead of her would again obtain way ahead, she would zoom up & stop again. After in regards forty five minutes of that (I was really attempting to behave) I received frustrated & moved above until the left hand lane to go around her as I had it at that point (I was unsuccessful at moving around her as I received captured up in the slower moving left hand lane traffic). As I approached the vehicle, however, I finally figured out what she was doing. She was sitting in the operators seat reading a book. Not a magazine, either a map - no, a BOOK. I realize that the speed of traffic amidst the forty five minutes I was behind her not ever went higher than 30mph, however there is no reason that anybody must be passing the time amidst that kind of traffic (while it was completely dark) reading a book. I just hope that the dumbass didn't cause a wreck later.

    • Car Details: Blue SATURN Ion
    • Last Seen Location: I-90, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous November 26, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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