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  • This female requires to freaking CHILL OUT. First of all, I after I turned toward pleasantburg from I believe Antrim she was riding the vehicles tail that was behind me. I was in the away right lane & I turned on my blinker & received into the middle lane on Pleasantburg. There was at least ten auto spaces so I had PLENTY of room. This small douchebag flew up on my back in the middle lane & then continued to throw her hands up & flicked me off with BOTH hands & then she flicked me off few more times. OMG GIRL CHILL OUT I was moving above the speed limit. She better watch who she does that to, it's moving to obtain her killed 1 day. She then Flew around me & cut off few vehicles weaving in & out of lanes. She had a greenville tech sticker on the back of her car. Sweetie, if u are worried in regards being late for a final exam, obtain up earlier.

    • Car Details: tan SUZUKI Vitara??
    • Last Seen Location: Greenville, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous December 11, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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