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  • On Chalkstone Ave. this individual gets 2 inches from my bumper.The public bus had the blinker on to pull back out & knowing how they operate I stopped to allow them out.This individual goes into on approaching traffic passes me & the bus,almost has a head on collision with the auto approaching the opposite direction(in the CORRECT LANE).And guess what??They had to stop at the red light!!!Then they take a right with out using the blinker.And it was pouring buckets making the streets slick!!You know,you aren't the 1 individual on the road.If u demand to be somewhere by a certain time,try leaving ur home early!!!!You are a real IDIOT!!You put the lives of the ones in the right lane & the ones on the bus in danger to obtain to the red light!!!The speed limit is twnty five MPH on residential streets in RI & there is NO PASSING ON THEM EITHER!!I could see if the bus wasn't pulling out however damn.You are the perfect example of why Mass operators have a not good rep in RI.and not all Mass operators are bad.Not all RI operators are good either..But u are just a ignorant,selfish,rude bastard who doesn't deserve to have a license.That is if u have a legal,valid 1 all way.You don't treasure ur BMW much the way u drive..

    • Car Details: Dark green/or black?? BMW
    • Last Seen Location: Providence, Rhode Island, US
    Anonymous November 25, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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