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  • I signaled to switch lanes on the 215 east. The auto in the lane I was attempting to switch to was moving at a steady speed & there was room for me to move over, so I did after standing by a good five seconds to merge. Once I received in the lane, I noticed he had fled up & began to tailgate me. I slowed down in a attempt to obtain him to merge into the away left lane so he could operate at his desired speed, & he did... Except he deliberately cut me off & attempted to brake check me. I would have expected this behavior from few young & spiteful teenager, however he really was a miserable older guy (I'd tell his late 50s) attempting to pull this shit. Not to mention he could have possibly smash few someone in front of him after the attempted brake check as a result of his eyes was noticeably glued to his rearview mirror (head was turned to the side at a angle, totally not watching the road).

    • Car Details: Tan CADILLAC
    • Last Seen Location: Henderson/Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous May 02, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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