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  • 01/10/13 (Thursday) at 3:45pm en voyage West on Cactus Road, between 43rd Ave. & 67th Ave. - this female has ZERO regard for a speed limit. She is white, in her 40's, longer/straight grayish-tan hair. She operates 20+ above the speed limit & friquently weaves through traffic to obtain around the law-abiding drivers. Sometimes she uses her signal, sometimes she doesn't - either way, she tends to just cut individuals off to attempt & obtain ahead. Stupid woman kept ending up at the red lights & I would retain catching up to her. I can easily see her causing a accident! BE AWARE!

    • Car Details: Dark Teal FORD Windstar
    • Last Seen Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US
    Anonymous January 16, 2013
    Flagged As: Information

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