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  • I was en voyage north on Greenville Avenue in Richardson & came to the stop light at Polk Street. The next crossing ahead of me was Main Street & its light was as well red. These two lights are poorly timed & u often end up with a green light at Polk, however a red light at Main. As usual, traffic was heavy & this light timing caused the traffic to back up to the point that when I received a green light at Polk, I couldn't enter the crossing as a result of of the backup. I waited & obeyed the TWO signs that tell 'Do Not Block Intersection', There was a LONG line of vehicles behind me standing by as well. However, this individual felt that his trip house was more important than all else's (after all we are on 'HIS' road) & passed me in the left hand shift lane & cut into the crossing in front of me, stopping behind the auto whose back bumper was on the other side of (but not in) the intersection. Well the light for cross traffic turned green, however they couldn't go as a result of this dumbass was now blocking the intersection. Dear Driver of the Kia: Thanks for making the commute house for all of us a small more stupid. Next time, wait ur shift & u will not have to cause a sharp decrease in the IQ of all around you.

    • Car Details: Silver KIA Spectra
    • Last Seen Location: Dallas, Texas, US
    Anonymous August 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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