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  • 3:00PM, I-15 Southbound from Sahara to the 215. I believe in maintaining a safe pursuing distance as much as anybody. BUT, when the flow of traffic is moving along at the blistering pace of 22 MPH, attempting to stay 50-60 YARDS behind the guy in front of u is a bit extreme. Everytime few someone to ur right merged in front of you, u crashed the brakes so u could maintain ur 'cushion'. You absolutely STOPPED ... for no reason ... 3 times. Also in this 5.5 mile stretch, u SWERVED (not drifted) left into the breakdown lane, at least eight times. Were u afraid few someone was moving to pass u on that side? You as well managed to find ur brake pedal when few someone in the lane to ur Right smash their brakes either old a shift signal - TWICE when that individual was moving to THEIR right! If u had bothered to glance in ur mirrors, u would have seen that u was causing the entire lane that u (we) was in to come to a stop. I don't know if u was glancing out of the inaccurate lens of ur bi-focals either what, however PLEASE obtain a grip on how to operate the freeways.

    • Car Details: Grey FORD Taurus Wagon
    • Last Seen Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous March 29, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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