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  • My mother & I went to pick up few fast food at the local Taco Bueno. My mother pulled in & found a space to park. She waited to allow a auto pass & then started turning into the space when this above sized white dodge pick up with a guy & his family no doubt without seat-belts, flies into the parking lot at around forty mph, seeing us in regards to shift into the space speeds up approaching right at my commuter side & cuts us off, causing her to smash her brakes. It was as well close & the clown had the nerve to laugh & retain his smug grin in place. All of this so he could pull into the operate through & wait. I wrote his information down, & I hope he finds this & realizes what a reckless jerk he is. If he had smash us, his unbuckled children in the back would have flown out the open window. He couldn't hear me, however I clapped & congratulated him on being such a *great* role model for the family.

    • Car Details: White DODGE Truck
    • Last Seen Location: Moore, Oklahoma, US
    Anonymous September 07, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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