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  • I was being tailgated by this POS Chevy along Fairburn SB between Boulder Park & Benjamin E Mays. This dumbass was so close to my back bumper, her headlights was no longer visible. When we reached the Publix shopping middle at Cascade & I questioned the female why she was tailgating me, she spoke 'You must obtain out the way.' So I phoned her a douchebag & spoke her I had her plate number. I'm not 1 to confront impolite drivers, however this female was extremely reckless in her overly aggressive driving. I hope when she kills herself in a auto crash she causes, no one else falls victim.

    • Car Details: Silver CHEVROLET MALIBU
    • Last Seen Location: Atlanta, Georgia, US
    Anonymous December 19, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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