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  • This incidence of selfish en voyage was 1 of the many extreme examples of left lane huggology I have ever witnessed. So as I'm moving WB on 166 in the passing lane, I notice that my seventy MPH has to be dropped to in regards sixty as a result of of a clog-up taking place in regards five cars ahead of me. I 1st grabbed note of it at the Main St/Fort McPherson exit; it was a green Plymouth minivan that was responsible.A couple of vehicles ahead of me merge right & obtain ready to exit at Stanton, the same at which I see a mid-90s Monte Carlo speed around the LLB & cut her off--frustrated at the delay/rudeness, I guess. The Plymouth remains planted there in the left lane, allowing no other auto room to pass as a result of she's less than a half a auto length behind a Chevy HHR in the right. I could say this self-appointed speed cops of a douchebag hag was doing it on purpose as a result of when I signaled & moved right to pass, she fled up to match my speed & box me in behind the HHR. So I retreated, stayed in the right lane, & merged toward I-285 NB.But not before I snapped a picture of her, her van, & its license plate.Please, Georgia lawmakers, pass the law.

    • Car Details: Dark green PLYMOUTH Grand Voyager
    • Last Seen Location: East Point, Georgia, US
    Anonymous December 21, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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