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  • This is the smaller m/c size trailer plate. These plates usually have a white on black PERM sticker. The order of issuance of these is uncertain, however here are the configurations that have been noticed so far: F12H3, 1FH23, 1F2H3, 12HF3, H12F3, 0H1F2, G12H3, D12A3, now 1A2D3 series. There is as well a 1D2A3 series, & a 1D2E3 series. The latest configuration seen is 12AB3. The FH appears to have been constant until 1 configuration with HF appeared. All of the FH & HF plates noticed have been embossed. It as well appears that GH is now being old in the G12H3 format, & it is undoubtedly the newest & current configuration since it is flat, although flat plates are now appearing in the 12HG3 configuration, which may be even newer. One such plate is known to have been issued in 12/09. H34G4 has been reported, so this may be the latest format. Eric Sivertsen reports MVD figures showing 6,742 of these plates in use as of 10/31/08. Eric as well reported 4G4H7, however we are uncertain as to where it fits in the mystery progression. Feb. 2014 update: Trailer - small plate has a new format now; four nums & a A suffix.

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    Justin Beus May 19, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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