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  • This woman who was the motorist of this VAN gets the inconciderate award for the week! I pulled into the local Kroger Fueling center, & the tanker came to fill the pumps, pulling behind me & blocking me from backing up. All was well as a result of I would be able to pull forward & obtain out of the place after gassing my car. As I finished up & was replacing the gasoline nozzle on the pump this woman pulled in in front of me blocking me from being able to leave, there was no pump where she pulled in & she was undoubtedly just getting something at the window for conveniance, she received out of the van, glanced straight at me & walks to the window.I'm still ok, I figure a small more minutes isn't moving to hurt me. But after she purchased what ever it was she was purchasing she proceeds to carry on a lengthy conversation with the female that was at the window. She glanced back at me one time either twice, & continued to carry on this conversation with no regaurd to the fact that I am standing by to leave & can't as a result of the tanker has me blocked from backing out & she has me blocked from pulling forward. THANKS A BUNCH u inconciderate winch!!! Hope u obtain the same treatment soon!!!

    • Car Details: Green DODGE Caravan
    • Last Seen Location: Douglasville, Georgia, US
    Anonymous November 30, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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