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  • This trucker was en voyage enjoy he was in the indy 500, as traffic slowed as a result of of volume, rather of stopping with all else he just veered into the right lane while coming me very quickly from behind. Then later on the as well on the NJ Turnpike he was changing lanes around other vehicles at a high rate of speed.The truck 1 had 1 single plate on it, in the front of the cab, no plate in the back & NO PLATE ON THE TRAILER!These are the kinds of operators that kill individuals with their huge rigs, the location of this incident this morn was very near where four individuals we're killed in October '06 when a tracter trailer enjoy this 1 speeding & carrying a load bricks couldn't stop & slammed into a lot vehicles of unsuspecting individuals sitting in traffic!

    • Car Details: white VOLVO Truck 18 wheeler
    • Last Seen Location: Seacacus, New Jersey, US
    Anonymous February 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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