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  • Around 11:30 Wednesday night, I'm on WB I-96 going toward the SB-275 exit ramp. This nut in a Yukon either Envoy (big GMC SUV) crosses the solid white line dividing the exit lanes for SB & NB-275 & cuts me off, no signal, either. This motorist didn't heed the sign that tells 'Right 2 lanes should exit.' That means u don't hop above toward the SB-275 lane from 2 NB lanes, right? Anyway, after causing me a close call, this reckless motorist fled off down I-275 south, cutting people off.

    • Car Details: silver GMC Yukon-type SUV
    • Last Seen Location: Livonia, Michigan, US
    Anonymous September 03, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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