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  • This dumbass was weaving in & out of traffic at a high rate of speed & even continued to pass individuals in turning lanes. When he was beside me I saw that it was few young kid en voyage with 1 hand above the top of the steering wheel, bobbing his head. One time when he passed in a turning lane a auto came above at the same time, not knowing he was moving to cut back over. He didn't even provide a inch, the motorist that wasn't doing anything inaccurate had to swerve hard into the other lane. This guy doesn't demand to be on the road. He even had a big dog hanging out the commuter window with few rap music cranked up. Slap him with reckless en voyage before he kills someone!

    • Car Details: Blue CHRYSLER PT Cruiser
    • Last Seen Location: Lexington, Kentucky, US
    Anonymous August 14, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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