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  • This butt - came flying up on my butt on road 3 towards hartford in glastonbury where I received out of the way after they climbed so away forward I could not see their headlights - then they punched it, received stuck behind someone doing the speed limit, & was pulling the same $hit on them as well - merged toward road 2 after almost flipping on the off ramp, cut off individuals on the merge toward road 2 & cut off alternative getting off on exit 5A, ironically they continued to the same place I was moving - Pratt & Whitney - I found it funny that they stopped at a stop sign on the plant, & I think they was freaked out that I was still behind them - if I wasn't late for occupation I would have followed them to their parking spot - if u are reading this ur & A$$HOLE! additionally if they occupation at Pratt with New York license plates this is most likely alternative case of property tax scam by registering their car in alternative state - easy to spot they have a PSU bumper sticker on the truck - scumbag -

    • Car Details: Dark Blue FORD SUV
    • Last Seen Location: Hartford, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous January 10, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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