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  • 8:40am - On Route twelve moving south coming Old McHenry Road, this snowmobile toting truck bearing the name, 'Sticker Dude' on the side, starts to squeeze into my lane (right) from the left lane & I'm right next to him! So, I move above to the shoulder to bypass him smashing me, & see around the truck ahead of me, that my lane is closing up ahead. I was forced to slow down until I came to a auto that would allow me in to the left with my signal on. Then I see the orange truck turning into the left shift lane for Old McHenry Road, just a hundred yards ahead of his maneuver by me. It became obvious then, the guy is a total DICK & allegedly decided to not allow anybody in ahead of him, even if it meant approaching ito my lane to send me to the shoulder....I did not even know there was a lane closure until I was forced to the shoulder.

    • Car Details: orange TOYOTA Tundra
    • Last Seen Location: Wauconda, Illinois, US
    Anonymous January 28, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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