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  • Heading west on 348th, there is a third lane on the right that disappears soon after the crossing with Pac Highway. A motorist in a silver Lincoln Navigator, attempting to circumvent the traffic just beginning to move at the light, fled up in this lane & passed many of the line. As his lane came to a end (and he had not beaten all the traffic), he forcibly merged without a blinker, almost colliding with my vehicle. This motorist then continued to cut off the motorist in the left lane in order to further move ahead. I saw him cut off at least 1 other motorist in a similar fashion before turning right toward 1st Ave. Each course change was made without all signaling. I captured a glimpse of the driver's face in his side mirror when he cut me off: a chubby visage with a shit-eating grin & a backwards baseball cap. A veritable model citizen! Thank you, humanity, for ur living jokes that under different circumstances would have racked me with laughter.

    • Car Details: Silver? LINCOLN Navigator
    • Last Seen Location: Federal Way, Washington, US
    Anonymous December 19, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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