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  • BEWARE - PSYCHO BITCH!!All I did was blow my horn to prompt her to go through a green light. We two turned left toward a six-lane way (MD 140). I attempted to take alternative lane so I would not be behind her. She gunned her auto & swerved into my lane & attempted for the next couple miles to push me off the road. At the last stop light in town, I old the shoulder to attempt to go around her & few vehicles to obtain away from her. She swerved toward the shoulder & attempted to cut me off. I squeaked by & received ahead by 5-8 cars. I thought I was clear of her. She continued to follow me ten more miles then chased me around a shopping middle attempting to ram my car. I phoned the cops however they showed up just as she finally drove away. Unfortunately, in Maryland, for few reason, the cops can't do anything unless they absolutely see the motorist doing something (so much for the cops telling individuals to report way rage & agressive drivers). But they have her auto & license plate on record & did search for her auto in the area.

    • Car Details: Green CHEVROLET Camaro
    • Last Seen Location: Westminster, Maryland, US
    Anonymous November 21, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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