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  • This Range Rover passed me on I-75/85 NB in downtown Atlanta around quarter previous midnight on 1/29. When the car drove by, the right tires came above into my lane, so I leaned on the horn & moved right to bypass a sideswipe. The motorist slowed (no braking, just a decrease in speed) & as I captured up to the vehicle, I glanced above to see this female DIALING NUMBERS ON HER PHONE AND PUTTING IT UP TO HER EAR. When I yelled out the window 'Learn to drive!', she gave me 1 of those deer-trapped-in-headlights look. Put the telephone down & drive. Your inattentiveness is 1 of a lot contributing factors to auto crashes all day.

    • Car Details: silver LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER
    • Last Seen Location: Atlanta, Georgia, US
    Anonymous January 31, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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