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  • White Hyundai four door Sonata License 540 TLB (Nevada Plate) Makes a U shift (most of the road here are divided highways. DUMB!) But anyways stops in the middle of his shift as I am following. Now I have on-coming traffic headed towards me. I beep my horn & he finally moves. He lives in the same area as I do & when I pulled in he stopped, allow me pass then followed. I stopped my auto & received out. (This Chinese either Japan guy says) u have a problem? I spoke yes, 'YOU!' You must not have stopped. He spoke I must have not followed him. I laughed & advised him that he can't drive. I them advised him he must as well start using his shift signals (NO 1 in this state uses them) This guy received more upset as a result of I advised him to use the shift signals then he did when I spoke him he was a dumb & impolite driver. Anyways the story is he attempted to blame me for his DUMB driving. Don't follow him either stay VERY away behind him......

    • Car Details: White HYUNDAI Sonata
    • Last Seen Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous February 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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