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  • Adair Co. County names originally appeared on stickers, however they began to be screened directly on the plates by the G suffix series. Dxx & Ixx series was skipped. The D series was old for trailer plates on the previous issue. I, O, & Q are not old in the 1st position on Iowa plates, however they are old in the 2nd & third position. U & V was old in the 2nd & third position on the original allotment of plates through EFF, however they have not been old in that position since. That means the highest plates with those letters in the third position must be EEU & EEV. Iowa began issuing flat plates in the eight many populous counties (Polk, Linn, Scott, Woodbury, Dubuque, Pottawattamie, Black Hawk, & Johnson) with the HMZ series in Black Hawk Co., although at least 1 Cxx series flat plate has been reported from Story Co. (likely a test plate.) The other counties continued to issue embossed plates. Dale Schoening has seen 007 JXT as a flat (Emmet Co.). The switch to flat plates in all counties appears to have happened in the JXT-JYC range, although no clean break is identifiable. JXW was issued in two embossed & flat in Jones Co. JXX was issued in two formats in Lee Co. JXY was issued in flats in the early nums in Lee Co., however Cedar Co. has higher num JXY plates embossed. Adair Co. has embossed JYC plates, however few higher JYC series flats have as well been reported. 603 JYC (Davis Co.) was reported by Scott Fenzloff as a flat. All plates have been flat beginning with the JYD series.

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    Scott Fenzloff May 15, 2010
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