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  • Speed Limit: thirty five (No Passing Zone) Route 102 in Ridgefield, CT. Witnessed a School Bus carrying children moving in regards 30-35mph with a Black Honda Pilot(537-TJB)tail-gating the bus very dangerously. I watched the motorist of the Honda swerve back & forth. I watched the pilot operate above the Solid yellow line & pass the school bus around a blind corner. I watched the bus smash the brakes & beep the horn, many likely for fear of a oncoming motorist possibly smashing the Bad Honda Driver head on. Luckily no auto came around the blind corner. I couldn't say how a lot children was in the bus, however I saw at least five small heads towards the front of the bus. SHAME on u Mr. Honda. How would u enjoy it if few someone had a total lack of respect for the safety of ur children? Makes me think of the old saying.. 'Where's a cop when u demand one?'

    • Car Details: Black HONDA Pilot
    • Last Seen Location: Ridgefield, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous July 30, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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