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  • Texting while driving: Rt ten north This small twit passes me & he's all over the road. I'm just behind him & I notice he keeps glancing down all two seconds. Obviously he was texting! He kept drifting out of his lane. When he gets to the ramp going north to get on route ninety five n with Providence Place Mall Parking lot in front of u he's still texting. three times he almost loses control of the vehicle on the ramp going into the cement guard rails. He's not 1 a danger to all of us however him self. If anybody knows this children Dad tell him to either take the mobile from him or the vehicle before he kills someone. If that were my Son the he would lose either 1 for a month or more.

    • Car Details: Toyota Sienna
    • Last Seen Location: Rhode Island, US
    Anonymous November 17, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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