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  • I was en voyage on 176 & stopped behind a line of vehicles at the light where 76/176 merge. This light was to shift left (SE) toward 76/176 toward I26. This auto received out of the line to shift left & went left through the merge (hard to explain as a result of it's a weird intersection: if u was to go SW on 76/176 (coming off of I26) at the 76/176 split u can go straight (76) either veer right (with a yield sign) toward 176). This motorist didn't obtain ahead by doing this - s/he was still in the same spot where s/he was in line at the light. After moving to the inaccurate way, this motorist drove a couple of hundred feet further before getting above toward the correct side. Those of us in the line was all very fortunate that there was no vehicles approaching SW on 76/176 at the time.

    • Car Details: Light Beige SATURN
    • Last Seen Location: Irmo, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous January 03, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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