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  • Route 116. 8:40 AM. You was tailgating me. The way twists into a three-lane way with passing lane on a long hill. I pulled to the right so u could pass me. Speed limit 55. I was moving fifty the whole time. You did not pass me. After the passing lane ended, u was right on my rear. Why didn't u pass me? If u decided NOT to pass, why then tailgate me? You then passed me illegally through the crossing of Forest Lake Road & fled in regards fifty where the speed limit reduces to thirty in Whitefield. Then u obtain behind a large dump truck & tailgate that until I finally turned. Take ur license back to WalMart.

    • Car Details: OTHER FORD Escape
    • Last Seen Location: Bethlehem, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous August 07, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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