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  • Just after Exit eight Southbound on the Everett Turnpike I'm in the middle travel lane & this individual speeds up in the left high speed passing lane with his horn blaring & gives my the finger. I've not ever seen this auto before. Around Exit six he puts on his brakes, still in the passing lane, lets me pass him, & cuts above to the lane on my right. He speeds up again gets even with me & takes my picture. He then speeds off. Later he's in the passing lane again slows down again & again gives me the finger. All this time I'm still in the middle travel lane. This dumbass is a danger on the way & requires to be watched. A total lunatic...

    • Car Details: Black HONDA Civic
    • Last Seen Location: Nashua, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous September 01, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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