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  • Drives under 40mph in a 65mph section all day amidst the afternoon hurry the entire length of the 3-lane highway 684. Traffic amidst this time is heavy however moves at a good pace 60-80mph. Traffic slows unexpectedly as it approaches him as vehicles & trucks demand to change lanes to obtain around him. Conditions are ripe for a multi-vehicle accident. The damage to his tailgate & back bumper indicates he's been smash more than once. If he wants to operate so slow, why doesn't he take a alternate road such as the slower road 22 which runs parallel? I have a problem with operators who, for selfish reasons, put people at risk by their poor en voyage habits. He scares me more than fast operators who weave in & out of traffic.

    • Car Details: Maroon FORD Ranger
    • Last Seen Location: I-684, New York, US
    Anonymous October 14, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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